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I was inspired by Dan Callahan’s blog post, referenced below, in which he chats about the freedom to fail.  He discusses the importance for leaders to explicitly give permission to teachers to experiment with technology in the learning process.

Learn by trial without fearing the error.  Innovation should be accompanied by a healthy dose of perseverance.  An important mindset for our students to grasp; therefore it is fitting that we model it for them through a little practice and experimentation of our own.

Leaders and teachers, as you settle into routines for the year ahead, try new things with your technology.  Prepare some virtual tours for your kiddos, give them some new challenges in the computer lab, or make your teacher workstation available for a class scribe to capture the class discussions.

Remind your students, “I might not be good at this technology thing….YET.”  Yet is a powerful reminder that we are lifelong learners.

Callahan, D. (Aug. 14, 2013). Permission to fail #leadershipday13. Retrieved from

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